About us

a boundless passion

Abnormal Cycles was officially born in 2006 from the need for a necessary change in my life and from the boundless passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles.
The basic concept of the AbnormalCycles world is linked to the passion for Harley Davidson, the only brand that has managed to instill a visceral passion on which I decided to specialize. Over the years I have gained a great deal of experience on the huge Harley Davidson range from its beginnings to the present day.
I divide the Harley Davidson world by decade and engine concept, starting from the 20-30s JD family to move on to the 40-50-60s with the Big Twin family, 70-80-90s with the mechanical evolution to finally reach the 2000s with contemporary engines.
Each of these segments requires specific specialization and equipment. Not to be overlooked is the necessary experience acquired in the field accompanied by non-stop study, in-depth research, tested and retried solutions including the recovery of vintage equipment in order to develop a new one.
Initially I only dealt with small customizations while today I am able to take care of your Harley Davidson from ordinary and extraordinary maintenance to the most extreme customization.
For lovers of vintage Harley Davidson motorsport, I have developed precise and specific skills in the field of restoration, whether conservative or "brand new". In addition, I have devoted the last few years to specializing in Indian Scout restoration from 1920 to 1930.
If you are also burning with this passion, I invite you by appointment to come visit me in my workshop.
I would be glad to introduce you to my reality, the world of Abnormal Cycles.
Samuel Reali.