FL 48

Fl 48

This Special was born from the discovery of a Panhead “corpse” in a market. As soon as I saw it, I immediately had the idea of building an entire motorcycle following what was to all intents and purposes a custom vision of a vintage motorcycle.

I can assert that it was also the first experiment of complete painting in titanium leaf.

My fundamental concept was the desire to differentiate my work from the custom landscape of the time (it was 2010) by approaching vintage Harley Davidson motorsport, my true first love.

Once the bike was finished, we decided to register the FL48 in the AMD European Championship reserved for one-off motorcycle manufacturers and, with great surprise, it received much appreciation and admiration from the professionals and the public. In fact, it earned 1st place in HD Modified and Jammer class. It won the motorcycle manufacturers championship with the title of Best In Show.

This unexpected turn spurred us to create a new project that too us around the world the following year.