Speed Demon

It was a real new vision, a vision that came from the past but aimed at the future. Speed ​​Demon is a freestyle Special generated by the union of a 74 “HD JD 1919 engine with a 1930 VL chassis.

In this case I chose the racer Board Tracker theme as I have always been fascinated by the racing world of the early 20thcentury. The pilots of that time were real daredevils who threw themselves at crazy speeds on improbable wooden tracks astride essential motorcycles. To confirm the racer character, the bike was called Speed ​​Demon with its dedicated bike-mascot: the speed demon enclosed in a wheel is depicted on the front frieze.

Since we won the London stage of the AMD Word Championship at the Beaulieu Museum, the world scenario opened up for us. Once again, we managed to reach the final in Sturgis in the United States and we won the 3rd place in Freestyle, the main class.