Speedway was also born from the passion for vintage motorcycle racing. I found a 1930 NSU 500 SSR Bullus engine built by Franz Langher. The very powerful single-cylinder is the pumping and pounding heart of a Grass Track motorcycle, a pioneering discipline of the present Speedway.

By the late 1920s, Board Tracker racing in the United States had reached the peak of their glory. In England, on the other hand, races on the meadows began to take hold, conquering the overseas public in a very short time. Joe Pedrali, with Arthur Davidson, built the first “sideways” motorcycle, the alcohol-powered Harley Davidson CAC. This bike, with its real and amazing power, allowed Joe Pedrali to train on Dirt Track racing. Our bike is made entirely by hand, we used molybdenum chrome steel for the construction of the frame.